July 01, 2010 News

NaviWorld Vietnam to provide media and advertising solutions for Dat Viet VAC Group 

Dat Viet VAC group is the leading provider of end-to-end brand, marketing, media and communication in Vietnam. Founded and officially operated on April 20th, 1994, Dat Viet VAC group today consists of 8 member companies, operating from 4 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, 1 office in Danang and 1 office in Hanoi with around 320 executives.


As parts of efforts to achieve Excellence Operations, DatViet VAC has decided to upgrade its existing business information system by implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV software package under the implementation consultancy of NaviWorld Vietnam. The new software system is expected to help Dat Viet VAC to cope with increased need for operations and business-oriented information to support value-added management decisions by providing an enterprise-wide consolidated database for all of its 8 member companies. The new system will also helps to automate business processes that are unique to media and advertising industry such as advertising spots inventory management, debtor aging, film production costs management, accrued P&L reporting, outdoor assets investment depreciation management.


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